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David Stay, Elevation Architecture, Brisbane architecture, Commercial architecture Brisbane, Childcare architecture Brisbane, Education architecture Brisbane, Aged care architecture Brisbane, Multi-residential architecture Brisbane, Heritage architecture Brisbane, Community architecture Brisbane, Architectural design Brisbane


Senior Associate

Since joining the Elevation team in 2017, David has been the project lead for a number of large-scale projects across a variety of sectors.

David has professional experience in residential, retail, commercial, health and aged care projects of varying scale. With a background in construction and an understanding of the end user, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. He has a passion to see communication take precedence among all stakeholders in order to achieve the best project outcomes.

David has volunteered for church and not-for-profit organisations, such as Red Frogs, for more than 10 years. He finds great joy in giving back by being involved in community-related design projects or volunteering for an organisation.

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