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Human connection is at the heart of what we do. We build genuine, lasting relationships and we design buildings and spaces that connect and empower people. Through our collaborative approach, we place users’ needs, aspirations and experiences at the forefront of the design process to create places that elevate wellbeing and connection.

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At Elevation, we believe architecture is not just about designing buildings and spaces. It’s about creating places that improve our lives and enrich our communities. Places that uplift and inspire, and shape our experiences, relationships and memories. Working across care, education, commercial and community sectors, we design enduring architecture that reinforces a sense of place and resonates with people.


Founded in 2004, Elevation Architecture is a talented team of 30 dedicated and experienced design professionals. We’re an inclusive and supportive group who thrive on building positive relationships and helping achieve the best for people. Always curious and inquisitive, we bring fresh ideas and pragmatic solutions to everything we do.


We value our team and provide mentorship and pathways for all staff. We want to equip them to grow individually and help our clients achieve success.


Communities are built by creating places where people connect. We consider you, your end users and stakeholders to design thoughtful, functional spaces for people to interact, collaborate, learn and care. Responding to the context of the site, we create long-lasting, adaptable buildings that enhance their surroundings and belong to the communities they serve.

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