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The Elevation team works hard to provide exceptional value to the client experience, while always delivering on time and budget. Building is teamwork, and the key to teamwork is communication. Our clients collaborate in every stage of the process, and a team leader is personally involved in every project.


Our experienced team has strong leadership in building, risk and viability, and we’ve established long-standing relationships and partnerships that help save you time and money. Combine this with our creative solutions, technical expertise and cutting-edge technology, and the foundation is set for creating the best outcomes.


We represent our architecture and design service in four stages: design, approvals, drawing and documentation, and construction.


While we tailor this service to the individual needs of each client and project, our process is driven by one important question: What does success look like to you? This success criteria will establish a framework that drives our decision-making throughout your project.


The first thing we do is listen, ask questions and establish your success criteria. Taking a proactive lead, we’ll collaborate to explore the possibilities and challenge your brief. Our team will develop creative, functional and commercially viable design solutions that meet your needs, respond to the site and comply with regulatory requirements. You’ll see these proposed solutions through our imagery suite, including immersive 3D visualisation.


After refining the proposed design, we’ll coordinate with you and our consultants to prepare the necessary drawings and reports for the Development Approval (DA) and Building Approval (BA) applications. Our team will liaise with the relevant council and we’ll communicate with you and the consultant team to ensure we achieve the best outcome and success criteria.


With the applications approved, we’ll progress the design in collaboration with you and the consultant team, incorporating developed design ideas and authority requirements. After client sign-off, our team will translate the design to drawings, schedules and a specification for the project to be costed and building permit issued.


Preparing for construction, we’ll establish the procurement method, coordinate the costing process and prepare contract documents in consultation with you. If we’re involved in the construction phrase, we’ll regularly visit the site to instruct, assess and certify the building work is in accordance with the documented design. Once complete, you’ll receive the keys, and we’ll look forward to celebrating your success (and your next project).

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