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Elevation prepared a detailed 20-year masterplan for Luther Heights Youth Camp. Perched above the Point Arkwright Headland, it sits on a spectacular site and has views over the Pacific Ocean and surrounding Coolum landscape. Our clients, the Lutheran Church of Queensland, wanted to “create a kick-ass place for kids,” and an environment in which they could help children reach their potential. Stage 1a of the masterplan included 92 beds across 14 cabins, a large activity space accommodating 200 people, a separate dining hall for 190 people and a small extension to an existing kitchen elsewhere on the site. The sleeping, dining and activity areas have direct access to decks and views to the Pacific Ocean and surrounding bushland. By listening and exploring ideas with the client, all the spaces were designed to be unique and special, practical for daily use and offer a fun, safe place for children to stay and connect with friends. To withstand the extreme coastal environment, we specified indoor and outdoor materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion so they won’t erode or break down with the salt in the air. These long-lasting buildings are intended to have a lifespan of more than 60 years.


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