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Eden Academy Pacific Pines
Eden Academy Pacific Pines exudes a modest yet inviting charm, with the centre introducing 112 childcare places to the neighbourhood, benefiting the local community. Our challenge was to transform a two-storey structure into a space that exudes the comfort of a single-level home. The solution: a stepped back, cascading design. Staying true to Eden's design philosophy, the interior is calm and welcoming, featuring a warm colour palette and abundant natural light. Outside, the play areas are meticulously crafted to provide varied and enriching experiences. Located near schools, parks and community hubs, the centre seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, becoming an asset to the area. We employed site-specific passive design principles that align with Eden's ethos, focusing on natural ventilation - using operable windows with mesh screens to harness prevailing winds and reduce reliance on mechanical systems - and optimizing natural light with a northern orientation and superior energy-efficient glazing. Collaboration was key, working closely with the client, developer, and builder to deliver cost-effective design solutions without compromising architectural intent. This included using detailed board and battening with larger profiles to meet both cost and design requirements, capturing the essence of the enduring Queenslander Style. Additionally, close cooperation with the landscape architect ensured the creation of interactive landscaping zones that met the projects brief.



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