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Nestled in the quiet and beautiful Redland Bay hinterland, Arcare Thornlands is a homely and inviting two-storey aged care facility accommodating up to 92 residents. Although located in suburbia, the building is designed to capitalise on its bushland backdrop and filters natural light into the spacious common areas and bedrooms. A significant focus of the design was to ensure the building never felt cramped or maze-like. The interiors open to four large courtyards with lush planting, expanding the sense of space and providing areas for residents to embrace Queensland’s outdoor lifestyle. The courtyards facilitate resident activities and socialisation, and include a bowling green, informal outdoor dining spaces, a BBQ area and veggie patch with associated potting area. The common areas have tall raked ceilings and large windows that frame views to the outdoor spaces, and bring natural light deep into the floor plan. Characteristics of the Queenslander vernacular are integrated into the architecture, and the palette of soft and warm colours enhances the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Local residents also benefit from Arcare Thornlands, having access to its shops and cafe positioned on the site’s most prominent corner.


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