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Carmichael College approached Elevation Architecture to design and document the building for development approval, building approval and tender following an initial concept design which was done by Wilson Architects. The proposal was value managed through the design process so that the eventual design had more usable classroom and library reception space. On the ground floor, the 1st stage library complex houses an Art, Music, and Media classroom, along with practice rooms, small group meeting rooms, library processing rooms and general library space. The first floor has 3x science classrooms, back of house science prep space, and two classrooms. As a standalone building, Stage 1 has very little library space, however the final build will include a total of 900m² of library area, along with additional science classrooms, academic offices, and meeting rooms. Stage 1 is temporarily walled down its south-eastern facade, parts of this wall will be removed to allow the library build to continue. The project features a large energy efficient skylight which throws a soft light down to the ground floor. The skylight design is intended to be replicated during future building stages. External features include black bricks, round windows and high-level shade screens which assist in reducing heat gain, thus improving the building’s energy efficiency. The library was partially funded with grant money and was a traditional tender and contract. Cornerstone Construction were awarded to contract; however we weren’t involved during construction, which was completed in April 2023.


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