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Our refurbishment of the Edith Cavell Building sought to reimagine the significant heritage building for the future. Being a state-heritage listed building, the development approval process was extensive. We treated existing damage and respected its historical form, character and setting, while breathing new life into the building and integrating new services and technologies. The revitalisation included the provision of commercial and centre activity tenancies on all three levels, serving a variety of uses including shops, food and drink outlets, offices, health care services and indoor sport and recreation. Significant reparation works were required to restore the building to its original state. We largely retained the original internal features, including doors, windows, mouldings and trims, and trimmed new openings with timber to contrast with the original brick. The main foyer, including the silky oak wall panelling and bronze plaque, the foundation stone and the original internal stairs, have been preserved with slight modifications. External and internal surfaces have been painted in a colour scheme determined by an archival record. One of the original sitting rooms and a cluster of nurses’ cubicles have been retained as ‘representative samples’ demonstrating the original layout of the building. We opened up the enclosed southern balconies with reconstructed timber balustrades, and inserted three new doors into existing openings on the southern façade to promote a sense of permeability and connectedness to the central public square. This activated frontage facilitates outdoor dining.


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