Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten

This project was designed and built within just one year, and continues the high quality level which is Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services.

The design features a use of bright exterior colours, large internal and courtyard spaces and windows placed strategically for the children to view the external surrounds.


The Maine Road School Library forms the centrepiece of the Grace Lutheran Primary School development masterplan.

Orientation and geometry, combined with ample openings and interior voids, capture breezes and encourage cross ventilation while connecting the library building with the school campus.

An open, flexible interior allows for interactive displays, installations and varied layouts, optimising the space for primary school learning.

The library was completed three months ahead of schedule, within budget and with a happy relationship maintained between the builders (FKP), project manager (Hammond and Associates) and the client.


Contemporary classrooms and school offices to create a public visual statement for Grace Lutheran Primary School.


Grace Lutheran Primary School

Located in a prominent position addressing the school’s street frontage, the new classroom and school office building creates a sophisticated visual identity for the school, completing the precinct created by the School Library and Classroom Refurbishment projects.

This project on flows the open and flexible interior with interactive displays, installations and varied layouts, which optimises the space for primary school learning. Breakout areas, balconies between classrooms, ample openings and interior voids encourage cross ventilation whilst connecting the library with the school campus.


A cost effective redevelopment of an existing classroom block, greatly enhancing student comfort and amenity. A drab existing classroom block, containing cage-like grills on the upper level, was redeveloped into a contemporary, airy learning facility.

Breakout areas and the creation of balconies between classrooms allow for new possibilities in shared learning. Feature panels also serve as students’ port racks, while perforated mesh, MiniOrb panel highlights and metal balustrades provide a contemporary aesthetic. These features allowed the opening of verandah spaces, greatly increasing natural light and ventilation to upper level classrooms.


SCOT PCG College Library

Designed to budget, the project focused on the flexibility of internal spaces so that different uses can be accommodated at different times of the day.

The library’s open space planning incorporated pockets of micro-spaces created through the placement of furniture. Water tanks, extensive eaves and window shading and minimal openings to the west are examples of passive design strategies employed in this building, which support reduced environmental impact and energy requirements.

Cost efficiency, flexibility, lightweight construction and security were important factors in this BER Multipurpose Hall project, located in the multicultural suburb of Woodridge. Elevation Architecture was engaged to provide detailed design and construction documentation for this project for renowned builder and developer FKP.

The project was documented in advanced 3D BIM format. This process allowed the project team to ensure a greater degree of construction accuracy and efficiency.


Woodridge North State School


St Peter’s College Kindergarten

The St Peter’s College Springfield Kindergarten is a contemporary, bright, vibrant learning facility with an abundance of natural light.

Generous courtyards function as waiting areas for parents, while large openings help to draw the outside in and provide plenty of natural light. Children are able to look through strategically placed windows, giving them glimpses to the exterior. Bright colours are used throughout to give a sense of fun.

The Kindergarten has been developed from a flexible schematic design we completed for the client, Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services. Careful placement of spaces allow for the easy reconfiguration into a one or two room kindergarten for future projects.

St Paul’s is a one of a kind childcare centre, when everyone else in town is heading inside on account of the rain, these operators and kids all chuck on their gummies and enjoy splashing in the mud together.

Situated in Townsville, this project involved relocating the existing 65 place centre into an entirely new 84 place building next door. Crucial to this centre is the retention of their amazing natural playscape and glorious rain tree in the backyard.

The frontage of the centre is designed to blend in and look like a traditional Queenslander house, while the inside is fun yet still feels as if you are all cozied up in grandma’s house.


St Paul’s Lutheran Kindergarten

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