We are more than just designers.

We are here to provide a service which ensures a successful and seamlessly delivered project.


Our Process

The way we represent the architectural stages is a little bit different to the way other firms may describe them, we want each stage to be more easily understood.

Our Architectural Service is customised to suit the needs of each individual client and project. The stages of each project are as follows:



We form relationships with our Clients, introducing ourselves and our mission, Excellent Architecture Seamlessly Delivered. We listen, collect information and brainstorm possibilities including opportunities for innovation. We discuss success. What does success look like for you, the Client? When we understand the project fully, we submit our fee proposal for your approval.



We collaborate and imagine together. We then explore and develop design solutions
that meet the Client’s needs, respond to the site and regulatory requirements. These solutions are communicated to you using our imagery suite. We listen to your feedback before refining the design solution.



We coordinate and collaborate with you the Client and the required consultants, to prepare the necessary drawings and reports to be able to submit the Development Approval (DA) application. Council will assess the application and in most instances request additional information. As a team we will respond to Council whilst continuing to communicate to you and the consultant team, to ensure we meet the agreed upon success criteria.



The design is progressed in collaboration with the Client & consultant team to incorporate developed design ideas and authority requirements. After Client sign-off, the design is translated to drawings that allow the project to be costed, building permit issued and built.



In consultation with the Client the procurement method is confirmed. The costing process is coordinated and the contract documents prepared, where we ensure that the intent of drawing documentation is built. This is achieved through regular site visits, where we will instruct, assess and certify the building work in accordance with the documents. Communication is paramount with us being a resource to both parties – to the Client by ensuring Excellent Architecture is Seamlessly Delivered and to the builder in terms of assisting with queries.



At the completion of the project, we will certify that the builder has fulfilled all their responsibilities under the contract. This includes design details, as well as authority requirements, warranties and completion. As a team with the building completed we will celebrate together.

Project Management

Our Project Management services cover all project stages, from initiation through to project closure.

Our Project Management services cover all project stages, from initiation through to project closure. We believe it is attention to every detail that helps to deliver a unique and successful project. Our focus on the customer drives us to enable the client’s interests and business objectives to be met in the most cost-effective manner. This methodology produces a quality product which provides value, sustainable and delivered in the required timeframe.

We understand the importance of managing all phases of the project equally and our primary goal is to meet all of the project objectives to achieve our Client’s specific goals. We pay close attention to each task and incorporate communication, risk and opportunity, quality, schedule, cost and change management processes to assist in successfully meeting key milestones.


Not everyone can fully comprehend line drawings.

Our 3D visualisation service is surprisingly affordable, and helps you to communicate your ideas in a sharp, vibrant, easy-to-understand manner. If you require a visual representation of your design – for engaging your community, showcasing a future fit out, testing colour/ finish combinations, marketing your project, or assisting potential buyers in visualising the potential of a property or otherwise – we are here to help. We can take your existing plans and elevations and transform them into vibrant three-dimensional illustrations for a surprisingly small fee.

Elevation Accessibility Section Image


Our internal accredited access consultant understands the needs of functionality and use, compliance and human rights in order to facilitate a project which is access compliant across various regulatory requirements.

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